film projected onto 2,50m x 2,00 m painting and reflected through small sheet of acetate onto opposite wall. Each 6 min. looped. The film shows a pianist playing. J. S. Bach's "The Well Tempered Piano"

„reflections“ - detail1, 2009

„reflections“ - detail2, 2009

„reflections“ - detail3, 2009



Press & Play, 2008. Wooden frame, violin strings, feathers on foam maker, 35cm x 35cm.

A major part of my work I am very much involved in questions about music, sound and its relation to the visual world, mainly in form of installations. This is a playful, interactive piece of work. The violin strings on the wooden frame have different tone pitches. When one switches on the foam maker, the feathers start to turn around wildly. The viewer is meant to move the turning feathers up and down against the different strings and create sounds. They can be deeper or higher, louder or very delicate. On the bottom of the foam maker is a small, strong magnet and another one under the stand so that the foam maker can be used and put back in place very easily. This piece also aims to play with the border between sound and music.



Suitcase, 2008, sound installation with suitcase, loudspeaker and CD-playing in endless loop

For the last two years I have been working on sound installations. Travelling and moving from one place to another has always been part of my life. Living in Hamburg and being part of the art world in London means continuous travelling which was an inspiration for my ongoing work “suitcase”.

This suitcase has been used on different kind of journeys and been used for four generations, almost one hundred years. It contains the evidence of its history and unknown memories. For this piece I used the old suitcase on some journeys and placed a dictaphone inside to record the journey – an acoustic diary of the suitcase. Inside the suitcase is a 15 m long roll of persenning on which various images of my paintings, installations ans stations of the suitcase are printed. Two winds are attached to the suitcase, so that the 30 images on the printed persenning can be viewed.

The “Suitcase” has been exhibited at Central St. Martins in London in 2007 and another version of it at the Islington Arts Factory in June 2008. It is an ongoing piece.




“Into Bach”, 2009. 4 pieces of fabric, thin metal pipes, music stand with strong light on top, 220 cm x 135 cm.

This work is about the reception of different media and about in/visibility.
The installation seeks to explore a new language to experience moments of Bach´s musical work “Das wohltemperierte Klavier” in a visual dimension.
 It further seeks to open up new questions about the temporal and chronological element of music and the possibilities of listening with the eye.
Key material for this work is “The Well Tempered Piano” in Bach´s original handwriting.
 The copied original handwritten notes are enlarged and printed on very thin, fine fabric. A very strong light is placed on a music stand behind the 4 layers of fabric hanging from the ceiling, slightly moving. A round circle of light from behind the installation plays with the layers of depth.




Detail: Rauminstallation 2009




Detail: Rauminstallation 2009