Alexandra Ewerth

“ I am a process-based worker and approach work as an ongoing experiment. The indeterminacy of it’s outcome is part of the excitement and challenge that drives me.”

Academic Education

1989 – 1990
Foundation Studies in Fine Arts - Wimbledon School of Art, London

1991 – 1996
M.A. History of Art & German Literature, Universities Göttingen & Berlin

Research Studies in History of Art, Paris

2002 - 2003
Foundation Studies of Fine Arts, Chelsea School of Art, London

2004 - 2009
B.A. Fine Art University of the Arts at Central St. Martins, London

Alex works across a wide range of media including video, photography, sound and installation. Painting, often combined with photographic images is her preferred medium.
For the last two years she has been working on the theme of visual music in a collaborative project with professional pianists. She used a trash piano and self built instruments as painting tools which added yet another dimension to her work.
As a process based worker, her aim is not to create a piece separate and closed but to bring the spectators attention to the process of the work as much as on the piece itself.